Base Games was founded in October 2009. Base Games was (and still is) a young, creative gamestudio ran by enthousiastic third and fourth grade students from the Mediacollege Amsterdam. Every single student has a different background and talent. It was originally intended for Base Games to work in cooperation and with the games industry.

Base Games course has changed since then, now we’re producing small (mobile-) games. The students get to engage in the entire process of creating a game, from presenting game ideas up to marketing and publishing. The purpose of Base Games is to present an opportunity to experience every aspect of the workprocess to students who hold the ambition to create their own game company.

We also provide visits from people who work in the industry, and the opportunity to attend events, visit other game companies, and join networking events. This way they’re not only growing their skills and portfolio’s, but their networks too. Interns start as a junior, and will be guided by a senior, which refers to an older student with half a year or even a year’s worth of experience at Base Games. Every other day they will also get coached by lecturers and externs from the Game Art department. Not only will they receive feedback on their visuals, but they will mostly receive feedback on the organisation and entrepreneurial skills. Because of the varying composition of the team, the games often differ in excecution and visuals. Students who apply to Base Games must not only possess a strong drive and ambition, but a great amount of independence and initiative.